Sunday, June 14, 2015

On Translation, Chapitre Deux

Exciting things have been happening in my writing world this spring.  Thanks to some hometown networking by my mom I now have a booth rented and book signing scheduled at the Dairy Festival July 9-11 in Elsie, MI, which is one town over from where I grew up and where my dad and grandparents are still remembered.  I'm planning on offering paperback copies of The Rogue Queen for sale as well as giving away postcards with information on the e-book and the upcoming release of novel #2, titled For Two Cents I'll Go With You.   I was able to easily reformat TRQ's blurb to put on the back of a copy of the book cover, and I delivered the props for Two Cents' cover art to Jordan, who has again graciously agreed to help me by creating the cover.  I bought a WWI hat, a Red Cross armband, and a two cent coin on eBay to use on the cover.  The coin is going to be hard to incorporate due to its size but I have complete faith in Jordan's abilities.  She did such an awesome job with my first cover; I can't wait to see how the second one turns out!  And it'll be exciting doing some marketing for my books.

I've also been working somewhat erratically on Two Cents' translation, erratically because it's the end of the school year and life is correspondingly busy.  There's also been a learning curve.  I normally don't have too much difficulty expressing myself in French, but translation is a particular skill.  In the end the Larousse website and have become my go-to sites.  Still, it's a slow process.  I'm glad I didn't wait until June to start, as it's taking about an hour a page.  I hope to improve on that now that I can work on it every day.  I've also handed over the pages I've already finished to a French-speaking friend for her input.  That, too, will help me learn what I need to do because I'm sure I'm making mistakes on every page.  Still, writing is a process.  You have to get words on the page.  So, back to the desk!